♍ Virgo sun ♏ Scorpio moon


   Intense, analytical/observant, critical, suspicious, introverted, kind, friendly, and intuitive. This combination would seem bad, but it isn’t actually as much so as you’d think.

   They can be intense and suspicious when around new people. They can also be quiet and introverted. Once you get to know them they can be friendly and kind to you. They can also be intuitive, yet a bit critical. They want to help you improve!

Virgo: celebrities


Beyonce: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Scorpio, AS/Leo

Michael Jackson: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Pisces, AS/Pisces

River Phoenix: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Taurus, AS/Scorpio

Paul Walker: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Pisces, AS/Virgo

Adam Sandler: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Cancer

Freddie Mercury: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Sagittarius, AS/Leo

Blake Lively: Sun/Virgo, Moon/Virgo